The following individuals advise and assist SCM’s senior management team regarding certain aspects of product development, food safety, supply chain management and international market development.

Delphine Liagre – Ms. Liagre, a director of Zveta Global Advisors, Inc., is based in Santiago, Chile, and maintains a secondary residence in her hometown of Lille, France. Delphine would help SIFF by generating and international business opportunities in Europe, and managing relationships in Latin America. She has more than a decade of experience in Food & Beverage and Consumer Products and as an entrepreneur she has exported French wines to wholesale customers in Japan and Thailand since 2006, supplying airlines, supermarket chains and private collectors. Delphine owns trading companies in Hong Kong and Chile, through which she sources and sells a range of products in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. During the late 90’s Delphine played a leading role in concept development of the first organic supermarket in Paris (Cote Verte) and also contributed to the development and launch of its store brand product line. Delphine has received substantial formal training in European export protocols and large retail distribution at IUT Roubaix, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Lille.

Shilpa Mistry – Ms. Mistry, owner of Quality Food Safety Consulting, is a microbiologist with 20 years of food safety experience in the food industry including more then ten years as a consultant serving the meat, dairy and seafood industries. She has extensive experience with provincial and federal food safety inspection programs and legislation (the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Act) and all major food safety programs such as HACCP, BRC, SQF, etc.

Stephen Ewart – Dr. Ewart is a nutritional biochemist with nearly three decades of marine sector focused experience as a researcher, industry consultant and corporately employed scientist. Dr. Ewart is the former Director of Biology at Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., one of the world’s largest fish oil companies (before its acquisition by DSM) and was a research officer in the Marine Bioactives group at the National Research Council of Canada. Dr. Ewart later founded Novaceutics Consulting with a focus on helping clients with their R&D and product commercialization activities. He has authored over 40 peer reviewed papers in scientific journals, many of his publications focused on the potential use of marine-sourced ingredients for therapeutic purposes. Dr. Ewart, received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Mount Allison University, and a PhD in biochemistry from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is a member of the Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Ewart grew up in Salisbury, New Brunswick and currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

James McClare, P. Eng. – Mr. McClare is a process engineer with more than three decades of experience in the seafood, meat processing and edible oils industries, and served in senior positions for Nestle Foods and Maple Leaf Foods in various locations throughout Canada and the U.S. Mr. McClare presently provides professional services to several of Atlantic Canada’s large fish and agricultural products processors, helping to design and install state-of-the-art processing technologies. Mr. McClare was born and raised near Windsor, Nova Scotia, spent nearly twenty years in the Toronto area, and currently resides in Fredericton, NB. He is a graduate of Acadia and Dalhousie Universities, and holds a Master’s degree in chemical engineering.