Healthy, Natural and Sustainable: Wild Seafood

This blog is all about wild seafood, one of the most valuable and least well understood natural resources on the planet.  Wild seafood represents the last wild food source that is available to consumers in commercially substantial quantities.  In the interest of efficiency and integration with the larger industrial food complex, farmed and cultivated seafood has become ubiquitous in supermarkets and on restaurant menus, and now represents more than 50% of the seafood consumed.  This figure would have been nearly impossible to imagine only a decade or two ago, but now today most consumers are oblivious to the difference (or in denial of it).

In almost all cases, wild seafood harvested in responsibly managed fisheries is much safer, healthier and more environmentally and socioeconomically friendly than farmed seafood.   This blog will generally focus on promoting awareness of this fact, by addressing issues relating to sound fisheries and oceans management, responsible stewardship of marine ecosystems, the role of sustainable fisheries in promoting socioeconomic wellness in coastal and rural communities, the role and function of wild seafood in holistic nutrition and a broader healthy lifestyle, and the wonderful simplicity and versatility of wild seafood in culinary applications.

Readers and bloggers are most welcome and encouraged to comment or post relevant information on this blog, which will hopefully stimulate more discussion and bring about greater awareness concerning wild catch fisheries, the science underlying them and the host of benefits they offer to humankind.

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