Our Values, Purpose, and Principles

SCM’s most important core value is summarized in one word – Respect.   Respect for marine ecosystems, for the principles of science based fisheries and ecosystems management, and for sustainability and preserving aquatic resources for future generations.

Most fundamentally, we respect the coastal communities whose residents have cared for marine ecosystems for generations and who hold what is arguably the greatest stake in maintaining healthy oceans well into the future.

Our team’s key values also include honesty, bravery, humility, and the understanding of others.

We believe in honest and respectful dealings, and we recognize and value integrity and just behaviour in others.  We believe that all people deserve the chance to live a dignified existence.

We abhor pretence, deception, injustice, and the cruel exploitation of humans or other animals.

Doing Good– Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, we believe that socially and ecologically responsible attitudes can be contagious. Our hope is that through proactive leadership and example, we can help to foster an environment within the Maritimes’ fisheries sector where doing ecological and social good for marine ecosystems and communities becomes the common standard.  As such, we will always welcome opportunities to collaborate with our peers knowing that together we can be stronger and accomplish more good for society and the environment, while delivering fantastic seafood to discerning consumers who appreciate our way of thinking and doing business.

Aboriginal Communities and Culture – SCM’s senior management holds longstanding personal and business ties to Aboriginal communities in the Maritimes.  We are very well acquainted with Aboriginal culture, traditions and history, and have invested great amount of time in conversation with Traditional Elders, studying Treaty documents, and conducting our own analysis of colonial and post-colonial interactions between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals in Canada and the U.S. We value greatly our relationships with Aboriginals, we respect Aboriginal Treaty and Aboriginal Title rights, and we welcome opportunities to collaborate and strengthen our ties with Aboriginal communities.

Community Support – We proudly contribute to numerous initiatives aimed at improving marine science and the understanding of marine ecosystems, the promotion of biodiversity in marine ecosystems, and the personal wellbeing and development of underprivileged youth.