Science Expertise

The following individuals would serve in a consulting capacity as called upon by SCM’s senior management or its Executive Committee to provide advice or strategic guidance in their areas of expertise.

Dr. Edward Morris, Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Morris would serve as part of SCM’s senior management team and as a partner in the firm.  He holds a PhD in marine ecology from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Zoology, and more than ten years of experience as a marine resource advisor and Aboriginal affairs manager for provincial and federal governments in Canada. Dr. Morris is intricately familiar with fisheries management, marine science and all of the dynamics underlying SIFF’s Strategy.  Dr. Morris’ knowledge and experience regarding the interaction between sustainability and fisheries in Canada enables him to provide valuable perspective on the long term risks and opportunities in wild catch fisheries.

With extensive experience in both the regulatory and harvesting sides, he has worked closely with industry members from all corners of the Atlantic Canada’s fisheries sector providing a unique and practical science-based assessment of stock status, fisheries operations.  Dr. Morris conceptualized and helped develop novel approaches for by-catch minimization and harvest method improvements.  He also has aided science-based decision support in fisheries management by generating industry-funded scientific initiatives to resolve gaps in stock assessment and ensure the availability of fisheries data that is current, complete and accurate.

Dan Lane – Dr. Lane is a distinguished professor of management decision science at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, as well as the chairman of numerous fisheries and coastal zones research bodies including the venerable Canadian Fisheries, Oceans and Aquaculture Management Research Group.  Dr. Lane is among Canada’s most respected and forward thinking fisheries and coastal zones management professionals, and has advised numerous international governments regarding fisheries and environmental policies relating to fisheries and coastal zone management.  Dr. Lane also served on the Fisheries Resource Council of Canada as a founding member, providing advice and recommendations to Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans with respect to fisheries policy and fish stock management.  Dr. Lane was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick and currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Stephen Ewart – Dr. Ewart is a biochemist with nearly three decades of marine sector focused experience as a lecturer, researcher, industry consultant and corporately employed scientist. Dr. Ewart is the former Director of Biology at Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., one of the world’s largest fish oil companies (before its acquisition by DSM) and presently serves as scientific advisor to Acadia Seaplants Ltd. Dr. Ewart has also held senior positions with the National Research Council of Canada and has extensively published papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and lectured at universities across the country. Dr. Ewart, received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mount Allison, University, as well as a Masters degree and a PhD in biochemistry from Memorial University. Dr. Ewart was born and raised in Salisbury, New Brunswick and currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.