The following individuals are available to SCM’s senior management team to assist with hands on activity at the portfolio company level, or with respect to various aspects of SCM’s seafood sourcing operations.

Gino Hache – Mr. Hache is a fourth generation commercial fisherman from Northern New Brunswick whose five brothers also hold multiple inshore and mid-shore fishing licenses. During the past five years Mr. Hache has become more involved in trading and marketing seafood and presently owns and operates a fish market in the facility where MWSC plans to launch its operations.

Jason Harquail – Mr. Harquail, a full status Mi’kmaq, has 15 years of experience in Aboriginal fisheries management, including inshore licenses and fleet management, centralized sourcing of bait and gear, repair and maintenance of vessels and gear, procurement and leasing of inshore licenses, government relations regarding fisheries management decisions and Aboriginal relations, and governance and board reporting regarding the fisheries program managed by him.  Mr. Harquail manages more than 40 inshore licenses, more than a quarter of which are fished by vessels under his direct supervision.


The following individuals have completed considerable operations planning and relationship development on behalf of SCM in London, UK.  They would serve as local representatives for SCM and its portfolio companies in London, one of the world’s most important markets for premium quality responsibly sourced seafood.

Frank Spurrell – Mr. Spurrell is a London (UK) based entrepreneur with twenty years experience as a sales and marketing consultant across a diverse range of industry sectors and in numerous countries around the world. He has set up sales and marketing launch strategies for a variety of high-end luxury goods companies including Dunhill and Roger du Buys.  Mr. Spurrell also has developed strategies for online and traditional marketing, public and media relation campaigns.

Eddie Heaton – Mr. Heaton is a London (UK) based entrepreneur with three decades of experience launching, developing and divesting businesses in the finance, publishing and on-line marketing sectors. Eddie has extensive knowledge and skills in strategic planning, market development and financial structuring.