Management Team

Suju Mahendrappa, CEO –Mr. Mahendrappa, who was born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick has more 20 years of experience in commercial lending, private equity investment, investment banking and strategy consulting, and considerable international business experience in both developed and developing world markets.   Mr. Mahendrappa also had the privilege of guidance from numerous mentoring bosses with exceptional success in business and investment.

In 1995, Mr. Mahendrappa’s began his career in a commercial lending role with the Business Development Bank of Canada, where he oversaw commercial credit portfolios and led senior and subordinate lending transactions that included the seafood processing sector, other food and beverage producers and a number of advanced technology companies.

In 1998, Mahendrappa began working for Tioga Capital Corporation, Inc. (“Tioga”), (later renamed Mohegan Partners, LP), a Stamford, CT based private equity firm and worked directly with senior investment bankers between 1998 and 2000, assuming progressive levels of responsibility in numerous private equity transactions including investments, acquisitions and divestitures in the U.S. and Canada. Following his time with Tioga, he spent three years acting as an independent consultant in Toronto, providing services to a number of private investor groups, boutique investment banks, and private companies.

In 2004, Mr. Mahendrappa co-founded what is now Zveta Global Advisors, Inc. (“Zveta”). Between then and 2011, Mahendrappa spent more than half of his time in India, with a focus on agriculture, food and beverage, life sciences and the security and defence industries. Through Zveta, Mahendrappa assisted several North American companies to evaluate business and investment opportunities in India, develop and implement strategies for India and its surrounding markets, and monitor business partnerships on the ground in India.

Since his time in India, Mr. Mahendrappa was primarily been active as a consultant in the fisheries sector, including in commercial fisheries and fish processing, fisheries conservation and marine ecosystems management. His clients have included commercial, not-for-profit advocacy groups as well as commercial-communal Aboriginal fisheries groups. Mr. Mahendrappa also co-founded Maritime Seal Management, Inc. in 2014, a Canadian federal not-for-profit entity advocating for the interests of Maritimes stakeholders with respect to ecosystem based and conservation driven management of the Maritimes’ grey seal population.

His decades of experience helped Mr. Mahendrappa to hone the skills and build the capacity to comprehensively understand the interrelated dynamics of businesses, industries and financing mechanisms and enabled him to develop his local, as well as global ties to both the business and fisheries industries.

Mr. Mahendrappa received a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Accounting, from Mount Alison University in 1995, and subsequently completed in depth studies in mathematics and economics.

John Nolan, COO in Residence – John R. Nolan – John is our COO In Residence acting on an interim basis until the launch of our fund at which point he will join and lead our Investment Committee as Chair.

He is a Wall Street veteran of over three decades having held senior roles in NY, London and Tokyo predominantly for Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. He has headed finance, operations, and technology groups but most recently was Chief Administrative Officer and Deputy COO of both Equities and Asset Managment at Deutsche Bank globally. In such roles John has managed groups upwards of 1,000 employees from well over two dozen countries and locations.

In 2012 John left the institutional world and assumed the role of COO at Sustainable Insight Capital Management, a data and research-oriented investment firm seeking to take economic advantage of the changing sustainability landscape. There he was responsible for building, launching and running the day-to-day activities of a global asset manager with 15 employees in three locations, managing over $100 million dollars in assets across four separate funds. At SICM John also acted as CFO and oversaw the institution of a corporate governance structure, including risk oversight, board construction as well as fund organization and audit practices. SICM launched their funds in just six months after capitalization from two highly respected institutional investors, on schedule, and below budget.

In 2014 John accepted a position as President and COO of Doran Jones, a software analytics and consulting firm based in NY. While in this role he was instrumental in shepherding a public-private partnership to repatriate off-shored jobs from Asia back to inner city New York primarily in the areas of software implementation and quality assurance testing.

John is also co-founder of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center, a $325 million dollar construction effort to repurpose a historic armory for the housing of nine full size skating rinks in the Bronx NY. In what would be the largest ice sports facility in the world, programs would include an array of coaching and instruction for both amateur and professional winter sports, primarily directed at hockey but also focused on figure skating, curling and short track speed skating. As the largest facility of its kind, it would also include significant investment in retail, food service and entertainment space as well as community oriented ancillary endeavors. John was part of the team that proudly negotiated a historic and unprecedented community benefits agreement with over two dozen different local groups focused on job creation, living wages, commitment to green development and ongoing community financial support.

He is a graduate of Boston College with degrees in both history and economics. In addition to his business interests he is the assistant Treasurer of the New York Police & Fire Widows & Children’s Benefit Fund, a volunteer organization that provides financial and emotional support to families of fallen first responders in New York City.

Dr. Edward Morris, Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Morris would serve as part of SCM’s senior management team and as a partner in the firm.  He holds a PhD in marine ecology from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Zoology, and more than ten years of experience as a marine resource advisor and Aboriginal affairs manager for provincial and federal governments in Canada. Dr. Morris is intricately familiar with fisheries management, marine science and all of the dynamics underlying SIFF’s Strategy.  Dr. Morris’ knowledge and experience regarding the interaction between sustainability and fisheries in Canada enables him to provide valuable perspective on the long term risks and opportunities in wild catch fisheries.

With extensive experience in both the regulatory and harvesting sides, he has worked closely with industry members from all corners of the Atlantic Canada’s fisheries sector providing a unique and practical science-based assessment of stock status, fisheries operations.  Dr. Morris conceptualized and helped develop novel approaches for by-catch minimization and harvest method improvements.  He also has aided science-based decision support in fisheries management by generating industry-funded scientific initiatives to resolve gaps in stock assessment and ensure the availability of fisheries data that is current, complete and accurate.

Other Management Team Members

SIFF’s other management team members would include an individual with more than 15 years of consumer and wholesale food products marketing and distribution with family roots in the Maritimes.  SIFF also would employ two additional full time management team members, to handle sourcing logistics relating to fish sourcing, transportation, storage and related regulatory compliance, and to coordinate Aboriginal relations.

Other expertise required for SIFF operations, particularly marine science, fisheries resource management, fish sourcing and processing, government and Aboriginal relations would be obtained from Experts retained by SIFF on an hourly fee or part time basis.