The Seafood You Deserve

During recent decades, the seafood sector has often failed to keep pace with improvements in quality, food safety, and supply chain accountability adopted across the rest of the food industry in developed nation economies.  In recent years, several investigative reports have brought to light some of the deceptive practices, such as mislabelling of seafood, that occur far too often throughout seafood supply chains in all corners of the globe.

We applaud the work of those calling for higher standards and more accountability, recognizing that for this to be achieved in an economically feasible way, it is essential for consumers to reward sector participants with premium pricing for premium caught seafood.  We also recognize the role that we as private investors can play in strengthening supply chains, building brands, and educating consumers regarding sound science and great seafood.

SCM, through its investment and business strategies, aims to build an ocean to plate supply chain that delivers seafood that is of the highest quality, is harvested in a transparent and ecologically responsible fashion, under a system where traceability is precise, and authenticity is absolutely assured. SCM will work with management teams of its investee companies to address deficiencies, implement technologies, translate scientific information into forms suitable for public digestion, and firmly instil a philosophy of quality, accountability, and responsibility to consumers and to the marine environment.