About Us


SIFF Capital Management L.L.C. (“SCM”) was formed to execute and manage private equity investments through a strategy designed to capture greater value from fish and seafood resources, particularly in Canada’s easternmost Maritime Provinces (the “Maritimes”), while also achieving substantial ecological and social gains in the Maritimes.

Our approach combines the benefits of an institutional and corporate business approach with our ingrained understanding and affinity for customary practices in the deeply traditional fisheries sector to unlock considerable value within the Maritimes’ $5 billion seafood sector.


The breadth of experience and expertise within SCM’s team gives us financial and operational capacity in fisheries and fish processing, food distribution, and consumer marketing. Our expertise in strategy, finance, law, culinary and food science, life science, marine science, and other related scientific disciplines enables us to apply financial capital in a value added manner resulting in greater value capture from fisheries resources and the sustainable development of enterprise value in our investee companies.

The combination of our strengths and collective experience enables us to bring unique perspectives to commercial fisheries and seafood opportunities, to efficiently assess such opportunities and develop strategies for exploiting them effectively and responsibly.

These strengths and capacities also help us to forge strong win-win partnerships with companies whose expertise and business interests are complimentary with our own, or those of our investee companies.