Investment Philosophy


At the core of our investment strategy is the philosophy of investing financial capital in situations where our non-financial capital (expertise) enables us to achieve the greatest and most enduring creation of value. We strive to turn mediocrity into excellence at all levels of the value chain through sound strategic direction, proper capitalization, and the empowerment of outstanding management teams. Our investment philosophy and strategy are further described as follows.

Value Capture – SCM’s strategy seeks to capitalize on inefficiencies and sub-optimal resource utilization that exist partly due to chronic under-capitalization of the Maritimes’ fisheries and seafood sector that over time has eroded much of the sectors’ operational strengths and profit margins, despite continuous growth in both the price and demand for seafood.  SCM will seek to capture and locally retain greater value from seafood resources by investing in the sector itself, as well as in downstream companies in major world markets within the wholesale distribution, food service or hospitality sectors.

Science and Technology – SCM’s strategy is designed to enable its portfolio companies to adopt science driven practices that ensure responsible fishing in a manner exceeding current standards and regulatory requirements, producing uniquely sustainable seafood.  Portfolio companies also would be empowered to apply cutting edge technologies in both the fishing and processing environments, and take extraordinary steps to ensure that wholesale and retail consumers are assured of product quality and authenticity, and are provided with accurate information regarding the sustainability of fisheries and responsible management of the marine ecosystems from which their products are sourced.

Information Driven – SCM’s strategy is the product of a thorough examination of fisheries and marine ecosystems globally, and an analysis of key sectors and markets, completed over a multi-year period with the help and guidance of experts from a broad range of business and science domains. SCM follows processes to systematically revisit and ensure the accuracy of information and to generate new and unique information from which to draw useful strategic insights. Our expected returns exceed markedly the average for the private equity asset class, and our strategy reflects the great care taken to achieve a risk-managed approach to securing competitive advantage and capitalizing on carefully selected business opportunities.

Inclusive Business Approach – SCM’s strategy is built on a uniquely inclusive business approach to working with members of the Maritimes’ inshore fleets and the associations that represent them.  This approach aims to ensure outstandingly high standards for ecological care of the marine ecosystems, more harvester participation on collaborative marine science research, superior financial outcomes for harvesters and meaningful benefits to all members of the coastal communities where products are sourced.


SCM is presently seeking Limited Partners for Sustainable Integrated Fisheries Fund L.P. (“SIFF”), a planned U.S. $120 million private equity fund through which we would execute our value creation strategy using a combination of investments in the Maritimes, as well as downstream in target markets in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

We invite representatives of family office or institutional investors to be in touch with us to obtain information on our flagship Sustainable Integrated Fisheries Fund as well as other current opportunities in the fisheries and seafood sectors.